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Subject: 24/7 FREE Deaf Crisis Intervention
Date:  Sun, 6 Jan 2019 08:59:47 -0600
From:  DeafLEAD <deafcrisisline@gmail.com>

My name is Katherine Andrews and I work with DeafLEAD. I am excited to tell you about two important programs that DeafLEAD provides for the Deaf community. Those two programs are:

  1. Deaf Crisis Line - a 24-hour crisis hotline available for Deaf individuals who have ever been emotionally, physically or sexually abused (past or present) and are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, or who just need someone to talk to. Trained crisis workers are fluent in sign language and available 24/7/365.

  1. FREE sign language interpreting for Deaf and Hard of Hearing victims of crime, as well as for shelters, law enforcement, and victim service providers working with them. 


Attached to this e-mail are the comprehensive press releases for both programs. Any assistance you can provide in getting the information out to Deaf individuals in your state would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Katherine Andrews

DeafLEAD (formerly The L.E.A.D Institute)

Office: 573-445-5005 |  VP: 573-303-5604 | Deaf Crisis Line: 321-800-3323

2505 West Ash  Columbia, MO 65203





PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL: This message is from DeafLEAD and may contain CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION which may also be LEGALLY PRIVILEGED and which is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of the e-mail is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby on notice that you are in possession of confidential and privileged information. Any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is hereby strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by email or phone at (573) 445-5005.

Copyright © 2019 Washington State Association of the Deaf, All rights reserved. 
You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website. 

Our mailing address is: 
Washington State Association of the Deaf

PO Box 73471

Puyallup, WA 98373-0471

Deaf Employment Opportunities



This web page was suggested by some very special children in Lexington, Nebraska. THANK YOU!!! 
Family Health Reference To ASL


Here are some other pages for you to look at that may be helpful

enrichingkids.com provides Sign Language classes for children starting at age 4.

Persons With Disabilities 2006 conference sessions


ASL Lesson Tutor

Food Signs

ASL Dictionary - Index Of Signs

Amby's Learning Better English skills for deaf ASL speakers

Deafness Resources on the Net

ASL Scripture Words Defined - created by Anne Sorace of Brooklyn New York DeafBranch,
added to by two New York ASL missionaries, further edited by Sister Nicole
Lindholm of the Washington Tacoma Mission and suggested ASL signs added by Brad Holt.

ASL Scripture Dictionary

This is a second scripture word dictionary for ASL users.
It was Contributed by Elder Tobias Wilde,
formerly a Washington Tacoma ASL Missionary.

ASL Scripture Words Defined For The Deaf


Gallaudet University ASL dictionary links

Internet ASL Word Dictionary

Several links to Russian Sign Language
The Russian Manual Alphabet

The Russian Sign Language Project
Work in Progress
by Joseph Kautz, Stanford University
Russian Sign Language


Certified Master ASL Coach

Email for an appointment to improve your ASL mastery: receptive or expressive
skills; finger talking; ASL storytelling; ASL Classifiers; getting prepped for
QE interview; ASL grammar & Deaf Culture & more.
!!!ATTENTION!!!! New service: I now offer ASL Coaching via Videophone (VP) or
webcam to VP for long distance student nationwide!
Web-cam users check out: http://www.viable.net/product/vv

Referrals are greatly appreciated.     See the new web page

For locals VP me at: 503-928-5766.
Long Distance callers use: 1-866-957-0304.




You'll need Shockwave and a quick mouse.

Fingerspelling Trainer
Writepad and Gallaudet fonts


Deaf Works


Links to sights for special needs kids, deafness, etc

Special Needs children and their parents


Alex from www.deafwebsites.com Sent us all of these excellent resources (THANKS ALEX!!!!)

The History of American Sign Language"
American Sign Language Roots and History
The History of Sign Language
A History of Sign Language
Sign Language History"
ASL History Timeline"
Information on American Sign Language"
American Sign Language Information
Sign Language Website
Start Learning American Sign Language
Sign Language Fun Facts
Interpreting Sign Language
Interpreters and Translators
English to ASL Dictionary
Sign Language Dictionary and Resource
American Sign Language and the Alphabet
ASL Manual Alphabet
Sign the Alphabet
Sign Language Resources (Foreign Countyr Sign Languages)"



American Sign Language Fonts for your computer

Fonts for Disabilities: Braille and Sign Language

• Lapiak ASL – Free for Windows, Mac OS, Linux

• Galludet ASL Font – Free for Windows, Mac OS

• ASL Gallaudet True Type – Free for Windows, Mac OS

• Sutton ASL Fonts – Free for Windows, Mac OS

• Galludet by David Rakowski – Free for Windows, Mac OS, Linux

• Handstand by Aldo Silva – Free for Windows, Mac OS

Finger Spelling Clip Art


Deaf Temple Sessions


Other Temples (Click on Schedule)






LDS Meetings in the Washington - Oregon area of the United States,
with interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing
To get more current driving directions to the building or find out the
current meeting times, you can click here Building Locator
and it will take you the the LDS web page.
Or you can go to www.LDS.org and then click on




Forum » ASL Interpreting in LDS Settings » LDS Interpreting Issues

The LDS ASL internet web page www.lds.org/asl
now has 4 sections

1. Monthly Messages — First Presidency Message, Visiting Teaching Message
2. General Conference — October 2004 through October 2006
3. Music — Hymns, Children's Songbook
4. Broadcasts — 9 Important Broadcasts



If you see any mistakes on this page or if you know of other LDS meetings with interpreters for the deaf
and hard of hearing in the Seattle area, please Email me.


ASL Book of Mormon Released on DVD: 

The American Sign Language Book of Mormon is now available in DVD format, making it easier for the deaf community to study the scriptures.

A common isconcetion is that the deaf community can simply read material the same as English speakers, but because English and ASL are structured differently, many of those who are deaf cnnot read the Book of Mormon

"With the chrch providing the Book of Mormon in their language, deaf embers can comprehend it just as you and I," says Dough Hind, a special curriculum specialist in the Church Cirriculum Department.

It also means no more lugging around a bag of 1 VHS tapes and no ore cuing to select scriptures.

The DVD boxed set contains 17 DVDs, containing a higher quaity version of the same footage on the 17 VHS tapes. The DVD colection is $2.50 a set. Shile the footage ay be te same, the most important feature of the DVDs is the ability to search the scriptures by every 10 verses. Previoudly, finding a specific scripture was difficult for the deaf - they just had to fast-forward and guess. Now they can navigagte the scriptures at the touch of a button and members with iPod technology or protable DVD players can take the ASL Book of Mormon with the anywhere. This full-translation format for ASL scripture appears to be the first of its kind.

"o sripture has ever been done like this as a true translation - even the Bible", Brother Hind says, adding that the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are currently being translated.

Ensign - June 2006 page 78

You can order the new DVD Book of Mormon from the Chruch Distribution Center. Go to www.lds.org then click on ORDER CHURCH MATERIALS in the left hand side of the page


From: "John Stockman"
To: "Doug Hind"
Subject: New DVD w/ASL and Subtitles

To All;
A new DVD in the Home and Family Collection titled ‘The Mountain Of The Lord’ is now available in the Salt Lake Distribution Services. This DVD has English Language, American Sign Language, and English Subtitles.

‘The Mountain of the Lord’ recounts the history of building on the Salt Lake Temple. Referring to his meticulously kept journals, President Woodruff relates the amazing story – from the inspired moment when Brigham Young declared the location of the temple site to the dramatic dedication 40 years after the groundbreaking.

The Mountain Of The Lord
Item 54300 090 DVD, English, ASL, SDH $4.50 each

Materials may be ordered from the Salt Lake Distribution Services by phone;
U.S. and Canada 1-800-537-5971
TTY (people with hearing loss) 1-801-240-6149

To order by mail, include item number, description, price, applicable sales tax, and totals. Send a check or money order (in U.S. funds) payable to “Corporation of the Presiding Bishop”, or include your credit card number (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card) and expiration date to:
Salt Lake Distribution Services
1999 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4233

FAX Orders, send information requested above to;
FAX Number; 1-800-240-3685

We expect additional DVDs with ASL and Subtitles to become available soon.

Doug Hind
Special Curriculum
EMAIL: HindDL@ldschurch.org

From the March 2005 Readers Digest page 158
Copyright Readers Digest 2005


Developed by Jose Hernandez-Rebollar, a researcher at the George Washington University, the Accele-Glove can translate American Sign Language gestures into spoken words or text, allowing the deaf to communicate more easily with the sign-language illiterate.

Users wear the electron, which is outfitted with micro-sensors, on one hand. A micro-controller on the back of the glove maps the position and movement of the hand and fingers, then broadcasts each word through a speaker or sends text to a computer screen. And, viola! The deaf and non-deaf are chatting.

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004
From: DeafSupport DeafSupport
Subject: Request for comment
27 October 2004

To All;

The audio-visual material being prepared by the Church in the future is scheduled to be distributed on DVDs. We are currently preparing 2005 curriculum material in ASL for the DVD format.

We in the Special Curriculum, Members with Disabilities, of the Curriculum Department need to consider your comments and concerns about the use of DVDs for the Sign Language (ASL) material that in the past has been on video tapes. The use of DVDs will be much more compact and easier to handle. DVD format allows direct access to the recorded files opposed to searching a video tape for a file.

Another issue is the closed captioning and subtitling for the DVDs. We have begun to place SUBTITLE only on the DVDs. Will this be a problem? This will allow all coutries which speak/read English to be able to use the same DVD.

We hope in the future that General Conference, ASL interpretation, will be available on DVD. It is currently available on high speed Internet (www.lds.org).

Thank you for your response and please email your comments, concerns, and suggestions to:
Doug Hind


The Book of Mormon Stories in American Sign Language (ASL) on DVD, is now available and can be ordered from Salt Lake Distribution Services. This is item #54100 010 and is $5.00 ea.

This DVD has been prepared especially for those who are deaf or people with hearing loss and their families. It brings the stories of the Book of Mormon to life simply and powerfully, which can increase understanding and enjoyment of the scriptures. Teachers and parents will also find that these stories add interest to any lesson or family home evening.

This DVD includes 54 stories from the Book of Mormon translated into American Sign Language with English subtitles as well as sound.

Three ways TO ORDER:
Phone: You may call Salt Lake Distribution Services at 1-801-240-6149 (TTY) or Voice at 1-801-240-3800 or 1-800-537-5971 for U.S. and Canada.

Mail: Include item number, description, price, applicable sales tax, and totals. Send a check or money order payable to “Corporation of the Presiding Bishop,” or include your credit card number (VISA, Master Card, American Express, or Discover card) and expiration date to:
Salt Lake Distribution Services
1999 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4233

Internet: We are sorry that this item is not yet listed on http://www.lds.org in their materials catalog. We are working on pushing this ahead and suggest that you check on-line periodically.

Please forward this message to all deaf members of the Church as well as those who associate with and assist members who are deaf.

If individuals would like to contact us by e-mail (deafsupport@ldschurch.org), we will be happy to add them to our mailing list. We keep this list to help inform those who are interested in keeping abreast of new Church materials that have or will be released. We are excited to soon have the Book of Mormon in ASL released on DVD.


The Selected Hymns, American Sign Language (ASL). Is now available and can be order from the Salt Lake Distribution Center.

This DVD features 127 selected hymns from the official Church hymn book. Users have the option to view on-screen menus from which to select hymns or to select hymns directly by titles. Audio voice and music, as well as English subtitles, are included.

Item # is 54028 010 and the cost is $5.00 for the set.

Three ways TO ORDER:
Phone-- you can call the Salt Lake Distribution Services at 801-240-6149
(TTY) or Voice at 801-240-3800 or 800-537-5971. Give them the item number.

Mail-- include item number, description, price, applicable sales tax, and totals. Send a check or money order payable to "Corporation of the Presiding Bishop," or include your credit card number (VISA, Master Card, American Express, or Discover card and expiration date to:
Salt Lake Distribution Services
1999 West 1700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4233

Internet-- go to www.lds.org then to "Order Church Materials, then search by item number listed above. You will need a credit card to order on line. Please forward this message to all members of the Church who associate and assist members who are deaf as well as the deaf themselves. If individuals would like to send their e-mails to me (hinddl@ldschurch.org), I will be happy to add them to my mailing list. I keep this list to help informed those who are interested of new Church materials that have or will be released. We are excited to soon have the ASL Book of Mormon released on DVD and a new ASL Book of Mormon Stories released on DVD.

Doug Hind




From: "blancharda1@juno.com"
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004
Subject: Deaf temple session at the Seattle WA temple


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have talked to the temple Presidency and we have agreed to have the 2nd DEAF session on the 2nd Sat at 1:30 in the afternoon. But we will begin when the temple opens up the Aug. So if you can come the 2nd Sat.

Love you
Brother Albert Blanchard (Deaf Coordinator at the Temple)
PS You can still come any time. Just let the temple know and I will be there.


Member Testimony Index


"Righteousness proceeds outward from the individual to the group.
We will find that if we are converted (through studying, searching and praying),
our immediate desire is to want to help others.... When the Savior said,
"When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren" (Luke 22:32), He was
reminding us not only of an obligation we have, but also of the reality
that we can't strengthen our brethren much until we are personally converted."

President Spencer W. Kimball
Conference Report
3 Apr 1976, page 70-71

"I believe the Lord's Church is on the verge of an upsurge in
spirituality. Our individual spiritual growth is the key to major
numerical growth in the kingdom."
President Spencer W. Kimball
Conference Report
April 1979 page 114


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