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ASL Dictionary for Scriptures

Words in ( ) are suggested signs




abandoned: left, went away from, give up (leave)

abasing: humbling, making worthless (humble)

abduct: kidnap, take captive, hold hostage (capture)

abhorreth: not like (hateful)

abhorrence: to shrink from in disgust or hatred (hate)

abide, abideth: continue, remain (stay)

abode: stay, live in home (live)

abolish: get rid of (destroy)

abominable, abomination: sin, wicked, bad things done (sick in stomach)

abound: many of, lots of something (plentiful)

abridge, abridgement: cut down, summarize (shorten)

abroad: over a wide area, all over (spread out)

abundance, abundantly: lots of it, many (plenty)

abused: hurt or misused

abyss: bottomless, canyon, hole

access: the right to enter, come in (can enter)

accomplish, accomplished: to do or achieve something


accord: together, united (connected)

according: agreeing, related to (following)

account: story (explain)

accountable: know and understand right and wrong, (responsible)

accusation, accuse: say someone did a crime (blame)

acknowledged: accepted, known (know finish)

acquire: gain, get, receive (get)

adhere: stick to, stay with or follow (obey)

adieu: good-bye, farewell

administer: to perform an ordinance, to be in charge of something, or to do a certain act (give)

admonish, admonitions: to give strong advice, (warn)

adorn: dress up, decorate (fancy dress)

Adulterous: immoral, sinful, misusing good things (adultery)

adversary: Satan, foe (devil)

advocate, advocateth: helper, support person help beg for you

afar: from a distance, something far away (far)

affixed: fastened, connected, set up, attached (chain reaction)

afflict: to give or have afflictions (hurt)

afflictions: troubles, struggles, tests, suffer, grief, trial (problems)

affrighted: scared

agency: the right/ability to choose (free choice)

aggravating: painful, uncomfortable, bothersome (bother)

agony: great pain (big hurt)

ah: word used to show delight or respect

Allegory: story when people, things and happenings have symbolic meanings, comparisons (compare story)

alliance: treaty, agreement, contract (support)

allotted: given

allusions: references to something else (mean something other)

almighty: has all power and might

alms: money, food, clothes, etc. given to poor people

Alpha and Omega: in charge of everything from the beginning to the end

altar: a raised place used to offer sacrifices; in bible times, often made of a pile of stones like a table

alter: change, made different (change)

amazed: surprised and confused (awesome)

amen: word spoken at the end of a prayer to express agreement or approval

amid: in the middle of

anguish: sorrow, sadness (grief)

anti-Christ: one who teach against Christ (opposite christ)

anxiety: grief, eagerness (worry)

apostasy: going away from the truth (stray)

apostle: a person chosen and ordained to be a special witness for God (follow person)

apparel: (clothing)

appear: show up

appease, appeased: satisfy, stop

appellation: name

applied: learn and do, really tried

appointed: to choose someone to do something (call)

apprised: told about

aright: right, proper

arise, arose: get up

arouse: awake

arraigned: put on trial in court

arrayed: dressed in fine clothing

arrogance: thinking they are better than others, proud, stuck up (big head)

art: sometimes means "are"

artificer: skilled craftsman (skilled worker)

ascendeth, ascending: (go up)

ascribing: declare or belong to, blaming

asp: poisonous snake, cobra

assembly: gather together (group)

assurance, assured, assuredly: promise, confident, sure

astonishment: great surprise

astray: gone bad, fall away

asunder: apart

atonement: what Christ did for us (substitute)

atone: pays, satisfies

attain: reach, accomplish, get

attend: go to

attest: show, point out, testify, tell truth of

attributed: belong to, blamed for

attributes: personality, habits, qualities

aught: anything at all

austere: strict, stern, severe

authority: having the power or right to do something

authorize: give permission, allow, approve

availeth: help , be available, ready to help

avenge: get revenge (get back)




babbling: foolish talk, jabbering

Babylon: wickedness, used to symbolize something bad, worldly, people who are bad

bade: told, command (asked)

banish: cast out

banner: flag

baptism: putting under water a body as part of an ordinance

Baptist: a person who baptizes

barbarous: very mean, like to hurt others

bare: born, naked, nothing grown, supported, shown

barges: ships

base: low, bad

bath: 8 gallons of liquid

bear, bare: naked, give birth, support, carry, show

bearing: to have children or endure pain

beast: (animal)

beckon: wave, call

becometh: to come to be, to change or develop into, (become)

bedside: side of the bed

befell: happened to

before: (in front of)

beget: to start, be the father (start generate)

begotten: born

beguile: fool, trick, decieve

beheld: observe, view (saw)

behold: pay attention, announce (let you know or inform)

behooveth: is necessary (proper)

believers: people who share the same beliefs

belly: the stomach

beloved: to be loved (precious)

bemoan: to regret, feel guilt

benevolent: to help other people, kind

beseech: ask earnestly (ask serious)

beset: attack from all sides

besom: broom

besought: asked

bestead: to fix, place, situate (help)

bestir: get going

bestow: put upon (give)

betwixt: (between)

bidden: commanded

bids: asks, invites

bishop: person called by God and ordained to take care of a ward

bittern: bird or animal

blasphemy: saying bad things about God and sacred things

blot: get rid of

blotted-out: erased

bondage: be held by something, do something by habit, slavery

bonds: something holding you, forced by something, held like slave

bough: limb, branch, twig, extension of something

bound: tied

bounty: generosity, goodness, kind, have money

bowels: the body, belly, to have mercy

brass: a shiny gold-colored metal made of copper and zinc, metal

brazen: made of brass, metal, shameless, act mean or hard

breach: split, divide, break open or into (broken promise)

breadth: width (distance)

breastwork: a low railing

brethren: two or more people who have same beliefs

bridle: control

brier: (thorny bushes)

brimstone: burning sulfur, fire

broken heart: humbled, saddened (deep grief)

brotherhood: group of brothers

brow: forehead

bruise: hurt, do harm to (crush)

byword: word used to cut others down, swear




calamity: deep trouble, problem (disaster)

cankered: pitted, damaged, ruined, made bad

captivate: put in slavery, capture, hold your attention

captured: take power over, get control of

carcasses: dead bodies

carnal: worldly

carnally-minded: intentionally think bad (worldly thoughts)

carnage: bloody, messy injuries, suffering, do a lot of damage

came to pass: happen

cast off, cast out: reject, oust, make go away, not use anymore, driven out (throw out)

cauls: hair nets (net around hair)

cease: dissolve, quit (stop)

celestial: bright like sun, where God lives

censure: scold, find fault with, punish, discipline

certain: sure, to know well

chaff: worthless part of wheat

charity: pure love of Christ (love with C)

chart: map

chaste: sexually clean

chastened: scolded, punished, be humbled

chastity: moral, sexual cleanliness (C clean)

check: control, regulate, find if ok, stop

cimeter: sword, weapon

circumspectly: righteously

cite: refer, tell where from

clave: split, divided

claim: ask for a right to do something

cleanse: make clean

cleave: be faithful, hold to or stay together (join)

clefts: cracks

cockatrice: a deadly poisonous snake

combination: groups of wicked people plot and do evil

comely: good looking, fair, attractive (handsome)

command: tell someone to do something (order)

commandment: law

commence, commencement: start (beginning)

commending: give, refer, recommend (willing submit with trust)

commit: do, promise, pledge, involve (promise)

communion: messages, instruction

compasseth: flow, understand, successful, includes

compassion: care about others , mercy, love

compel, compelled : force to do

compound: put together

comprehend, comprehendeth: (understand)

comprising: made up of, including

conceal: hide

conceive, conceived: be pregnant, establish, think of

concern: care (worry)

concourses: crowds, gatherings

concubines: servant, second class wife

condemn condemned, condemnation: punish, be against, stop from further progress (criticize)

condescension: kindly work with these lower than self (coming down)

conduit: pipe, tube or way to, being used by or going through (fountain)

confederate: a partner with, or joined with, help in a bad way (united)

confer, conferred: give to

confess: to admit doing wrong

confide: trust

confine: limit, hold in

confirm: help know the truth, establish truth

confoundeth: to silence, make ashamed, confuse

conscience: the ability to know what is wrong and what is right

conscious, consciousness: aware, know

consecrate, consecrated: set aside, make holy or sacred (establish with C)

consequence: results, what happens because of what you do (happen)

consider: think about

consign, consignation: give command, trust, assignment

consist: made up of, formed, the parts of (includes)

consoling: comforting, to make feel better

conspire: plot, plan, try to pull down or get something

constellations: star groups or formations

consult: talk or counsel with, get opinions from others (talk )

consume, consuming, consumption: destroy, eat, cover up or fill, finish taking in

contempt: scorn, disrespect, dislike someone

contend: debate, argue, battle (struggle)

content: comfortable, pleased (satisfied)

contentions: fighting, arguing

continually: without stopping, always

contradict: go against, argue or be opposite of

contrary: against, opposite

contrite: sorrowful, humble, sincere, repentant heart (deep crushing)

converse: talk

convey: move or take from one place to another

corrupt: bad, expired, ruined

counsel: to give advice

countenances: look on face that shows his nature or feelings (facial expression)

courage: strength

covenant, covenanted: promise between a person and God (promise)

covert: hidden, sheltered, undercover, behind your back

covet: wanting something unrighteously, jealous of others

craftiness: sneakiness, trickery, clever in a bad way

create, created: organize, form (make)

creature: living things (animals)

creditors: people you owe money to

crisping pins: purses or satchels

critical: serious, important, criticize or make fun of others

cross: trick or confuse

crucify: to kill by nailing the hands and feet on a cross

cry: speak in a loud voice, pray, (call out)

cubit: 18 inches

cumber: obstruct, block

cunning: sly, crafty, clever (trick)

curse, cursed: give trouble, punish from god, swear, say bad things




damned: can't progress, stuck (limit)

daunted: scared, threatened

dearth: no rain or food, famine (rain none)

debtors: people who owe you something

decay: to rot or become bad, spoil

deceit: lie, untruth

deceive: trick, lie, try to cover up something

deception: trying to fool, trick

declare: say, tell (announce)

decline: refuse, turn down, say no

decree: an order, rule, law (proclamation)

deed: action that has been done

defer: hold back, pause, turn somewhere else (postpone)

defiance: break the rules on purpose, rebel, resist

defile: pollute, make filthy or dirty, to corrupt, abuse

defy: resist openly and boldly, reject, refuse

degeneracy: evil ways of living

deliberately: on purpose

delight: great joy, pleasure (excite)

denote: say

denounce: put down, blame, criticize

depart: to leave (go away)

depravity: really bad , wicked

deprive: not let you have, keep from, take away

derangement: mess

descend: (come down)

designs: plans

desire: wish or a strong want

desolate, desolation: barren, nothing, waste, no people (empty)

despair: give up, no hope (depress sad misery)

desperately: very hard

despised: hated, not liked, not respected

despisers: people who do not respect others

despitefully: mean, to not care about

destruction: ruin, tear down (destroy)

detect: notice, find

determination: to do something no matter what (motivate)

dethrone: get rid of a king

devise: make-up

devise, devised: make, create, figure out

devote: focus on or pay more attention to, faithful

devourer: eater, destroyer, Devil

dictates: beliefs, rules, commands

dilemma: problem, trouble, hard situation, stuck

diligent, diligently: to doing without stopping faithfully, keep trying (motiviate)

disannul: cancel, stop

disappear: leave

discern: read, can tell what is in your mind (notice with eye)(notice with mind)

disciples: follower of, student (follow person)

discover: found

disfigure: mess up, look like suffering (appearance ruined) (destroyed)

disguise: dressed so other people wonít know who he is (hide identity)

disowned: kicked out, cut off, not claim anymore (disconnect)

dispelled: broken up, moved out of the way, clear away

dispensation: time period with prophets

dispense: give to

disperse, dispersion: scatter, go all different ways

displease: unhappy

disposition: desire, way one feels

dispute, disputing, dissension, disentions: argue, strong disagreement, quarrelling, fighting

distinguish: tell apart from the others (notice different)

distressing: painful, frustrating, cause to feel down

divers: many, various

divulge: tell

doctrine: facts, rules, beliefs (teaching)

doleful: mourning, be sad

dominate: be everywhere, have power over, be stronger (control )

dominion: area you control (control)

dormant: asleep, not active

doth: (do)

draws: come close to

dreary: depressing, sad (lonely)

dregs: the bitter junk/waste that has settled to the bottom, means you have paid a very high price

driven: pushed

droop: bend over

dross: scum, junk

dry-shod: with dry feet

dumb: one who cannot talk

dung: fertilize with animal waste

duration: length of time

durst: (dare)

dwell: (live)

dwindle: get smaller




earnestness: seriousness, diligent (serious)

effectual: effective, one that works

elder: a man with the Melchizedek Priesthood

elegant: fancy

eloquent: a good speaker

embark: begin, leave, or go

embassy: person who brings a message for you, (message person)

embrace: welcome, include, hold in arms, love, accept, use

Emmanuel: (Jesus Christ) also spelled Immanuel

employ: use

empowered: given power, able to make something happen

enable: help someone to be able to do something

enacteth: set up, start, put in place

encompassed: surrounded

endeavor: try

endure: to last, put up with, not give up (continune)

engage: start

engrave: to cut or write in metal or wood

engulf: swallow up, consume, completely surround

enjoins: join, command, order

enormity: big, large

enshroud: to cover, put over

ensign: symbol to look up to (flag)

ensnare: trap, catch in a trick

entice, enticed: lure, tempt, get someone to do (attract)

entitle: to have the right to something

entreated: asked to do something

entrench: get well established, refuse to move (establish strong)

enumerate, enumerated: count, tell about, more of, list

envy: jealousy, wish had something, want, admire

ephah: one bushel

epistle: letter, writings of a person

equity: fairness, justice, equal

err, error: make mistakes, wrong, error (mistake)

errand: job, mission, task to do, assignment

essential: absolutely necessary, needed

esteemeth: consider, like, how you feel about

eternal: never ends, forever

evangelist: patriarch, one who gives blessings, Ďfatherí

everlasting: (forever)

evermore: always

exalt: rise up, make the very best

exalted: very good, the best can be (high in glory)

exceed, exceeding: more than best, greater than, beyond the limit

excommunicate: cut off, kick out of church

exceed: more than

except: unless

execute: do, make happen (act), kill by law

exercise: use, practice

exert: work, try, attempt, make effort

exhort, exhorts: urge, caution, talk seriously, encourage (warn)

exile: a person who is kicked out of his home or country

expedient: necessary, needed

expedite: help make it happen faster (desire fast)

expel: kick out, remove, cast off

expound: tell in detail, make known (explain)

expressly: very, for sure

extinct: cease to exist completely

extol, extolled: praise, tell of, publish, make known

exult: have a lot of joy, lift up, make high better than before, rejoice




faction: a breakaway group

faculty: capacity, energy, skill, ability (talent)

faggots: bundles of sticks or twigs used for burning

fain: willingly, gladly

faint: gotten weak, passed out

faint-hearted: cowardly

faired: did

faith: to have confidence in someone or something, strong belief

fall of man: when Adam and Eve ate the fruit and became mortal

famine: when there is no food

famished: (very hungry)

fared: got along

fast: tight, to go without food, quick

fatigued: tired

favored: sustained, supported, blessed, helped, preferred

felled: cut down

feller: tree cutter

fellowshipped: accepted as friends, associate

ferocious: savage, cruel, fierce (mean)

fervent: intense, very much, with great effort

fiery: stinging, hurting like fire

firmament: sky above earth (space)

firstlings: the best ones, first born

flaxen: plant spun into material or cords

flesh: people, children of, or meat (skin)

flint: very hard stone

flounder: to stumble, not succeed, lose ones way

flourish: do well, prosper

folly: foolishness, silly

forasmuch: because (since)

forbid, forbidden: not allow, not to be done

forebear: patient, put up with

foreknowledge: know about it before it happens

foremost: the chief one, first, best of all

foretell, foretold: to tell before it happens

forever: never ends

forgive: excuse, pardoned, forget, clean

formed: created (made)

fornication: sexual sin among unmarried people

forsake, forsaken, forsaking: leave behind, go away from, desert (give up)

forswear: break your promise, make false statement, not keep a covenant

forth: onward, continue

fortify: make strong

foul: bad, not good

founder: one who started it

fowl: any winged animal (different birds)

frailties: weaknesses

fraud: lying, deceiving

frenzied: all excited and mixed up

fret: worry

from the womb: from birth

fruitful: growing, plentiful, multiply, reproduce

frustrate, frustrated: to mess up, confuse, cause to fail

fuller: one who shrinks and thickens wool cloth with water and heat, clean and purify

fulfill: complete, satisfy, do all that is required

furious: very hard, angry, wild

furthermost: farthest away

fury: anger, to be very mad




gainsaying: contradicting, speak against, deny

gall: bitter, distasteful, annoy, irritate

garb: covering, clothes

garment: piece of clothing

garners: place where grain is stored

gather: collect, get

gay: happy

generation: people who are born and live at about the same time, from father to son, span of time

gentile: not a member, foreign

ghost: spirit, soul without the body

gin: trap for animals (trap)

gird: put on , put belt around, equip

girdle: belt or something around the waist

glimmer: a little bit of light, small amount

glorified: honored, worshipped, has glory

glorious: deserving glory

glory: light or praise

glut: fill, overeat

gnash: grit or grit your teeth together, strike on

grace: help (kindness)

grafted: hooked up to, joined

grand: large, big

grasp: hold

gratified: taken care of, fulfilled, made happy

graven: make, carve, or sculpt from stone, wood, etc

grieved: sadness, broken hearted

grievously: seriously sad

grosser: worse part

guile: a sly, cunning plan or trap

guilt: bad feelings, proof you did wrong

gulf: deep valley, big hole




habitation: house or tent, place where you live

halfhearted: without wanting

hallowed: very holy or sacred

halt: crippled

handmaid: woman servant or attendant

harass: be mean , hassle (bother)

hardly: not really, kinda

harlots: prostitutes, worldly women

harrow up: cause mental/ emotional pain

harvest: to collect fruit or grain from the field

hast: (has)

hath: (have)

haughty: foolish, act better than look good to impress others (great pride)

havoc: great damage

heal: make well

heaps: piles, mounds

heareth: (hear)

hearken: hear, listen, obey

heathen: uncivilized native, not part of accepted culture

heather: a green bush with purple flowers

hedge: block, keep from going

heed, heeded: listen to, do what is said (attention)

heirs: ones who get the reward, people who inherit things (receive person)

help meet: companion (wife) (help together)

hemmed: fenced, surrounded

henceforth: thereafter, also (from now on)

hereafter: (in the future)

hew, hewn: cut with ax or knife

hinderment: problem, something blocking you

hireling: employee, worker

hiss: disapproval, mocking words, sound like snake (show of dislike)

hither: (here)

hoist: lift up

Holy One of Israel: (Jesus Christ)

holy writ: scriptures

honest: truthful, doesn't lie

honor: show respect

honour: honor

hosanna: praise, save us

host: a whole bunch of people or angels (group)

howbeit: how is it, however

humble: not proud, meek, lowly

humiliation: laughed at, ridiculed, etc

hurl: throw, cast

hypocrite: one who says one thing and does another, pretends to be good but is not




idle: lazy

idol: a statue made to worship (I shape)

idolatry: worship of idols

ignominious: shameful, disgraceful (not honorable)

ignorance, ignorantly: no knowledge, rude, mean

illuminated: lit up, made known

Immanuel: (Jesus Christ) also spelled Emmanuel

image: the same; or the statue that is worshipped

immerse: bury, dip in completely, put under

immortal: live forever, never die

immortality: resurrection, living forever

impart: give

impede, impeded: stop, get in the way of, slow

impenetrable: can't get through

impenitent: won't repent

importunes: asks, begs

in his stead: in his place

in league with: have joined

inasmuch: if

inasmuch as: (seeing that)

incites: gets people excited or angry

incomprehensible: can't understand

incorruptible: canít hurt or destroy, never decays

incur: bring upon you, be obligated, receive

indebted: owe

indeed: that is correct, yes (sure truth)

indifference: 'don't care' attitude, ignore

indignation: anger

indolent: lazy

indulge: get involved in, become a part of

inexpressible: can't describe, canít explain

infidelity: lack of loyalty, not faithful

infinite: never ends (forever)

infirmities: imperfections, weaknesses, sickness, pain

inflame: arouse passions, make short tempered or angry

inflict: to cause or do something to someone

inflicting: causing

infuse, infused: put into, mix together, inspire

inhabitant: (people)

inherit: receive, get

innumerable: a great many, too many to count

impenetrable: canít get through it

inquire: ask

iniquity: doing bad things, sins (wicked)

injustice: not fair, bad things happen that are not right

innumberable: a great many, too many to count

inquire: ask, try to find out

instruct: tell, give information (teach)

inspire: guide, lead

insurrection: people going against their leaders, (rebel)

intercessions: negotiate, act for, help, stand in for (plead)

intercourse: talk to , travel or associate with

interposition: make excuse for (help)

interpret, interpretation: to tell the meaning of, explain, translate

interpreters: Urim and Thummin, crystals prepared by the Lord to interpret

intrigue: sly planning, sneakiness, make curious or fascinated by

isle: (island)




jot: tiny bit

judge: one who judges and decides our righteousness

justified, justify: to balance, answer for, reason for, okay, approve of, accept (balance with F)




keep, keeping: follow, obey, do

keepeth: (keep)

kindle: (start)

kindred: families, groups of families, related people, alike

kinsfolk: relative, family

knowledge: things you know (know) (learning)




labor: work

laden: loaded down, heavy weight or responsibility

laid siege: surrounded and trying to get them to surrender

Lamb of God: (Jesus Christ)

lame: weak, unable to use an arm or a leg, cripple

lament: weep, cry over, be sad (confess)

lamentation: sadness, mourning, crying, weeping

lasciviousness: unclean thoughts and desires about sex

lash: tie to, connect, whip

latter: recent, not long ago, last

learned: well educated (knows everything)

learning: knowledge, understanding, wisdom

leprosy: sickness that kills skin (skin disease)

leprous: to have leprosy

lest: for fear of, except, in case

liberal, liberally: generous

light: (Jesus Christ)

liken: apply, compare

list, listeth: desire, want

lo: see, look

loathe, loathsome: rotten, awful (sicken with hate)

lofty: high, stuck-up, (pride)

lop: cut off

lovely: beautiful, good, worthy

lowliness: humility, poor (humble)

Lucifer: Satan

lucre: money

lust: want in a wrong way, sexual desire

luster: shine, brightness




magistrates: a judge or person with authority

majestic, majesty: great in a wonderful way (very grand and high) (king)

malice: wanting to harm someone, bad feelings

mammon: worldly things, wickedness

manifest, manifested: reveal, make known (show)

manner: habit, custom (way)

mantle: a coat or fancy robe (cape), the look or countenance

marrow: soft inside of the bone that makes blood cells

martyrs: people killed because of their religion

massacre: brutally kill and injure a group of people (kill+++)

master: religious leader, ruler, male teacher

mattock: flat pick (hoe)

meat: substance, a thing (food)

mediator: the Savior, someone who acts for you

meek: gentle, kind, teachable (humble)

melody: (music)

mend: fix

mercy: charity, grace, kindness

merit: deserve, earn (action)

Messiah, Messias: (Jesus Christ)

Messianic, messianically: about the Messiah

mete: give out, share

midst: in between, the middle of, among (center)

mighty: have power (strong)

migrate: travel, move to some other place (travel)

millennial: refers to the 1000 years of Christís reign

millenium: Christ's 1000 years reign

mincing: walk with price, act smart in a bad way (tip toe)

mingle, mingleth: mix together, associate with

minister: help, give aid and encourage

ministry: preaching, mission (church service)

miracle, miraculous: (wonderful happening)

mire: deep mud

misery: grief, suffering, trouble (very sad)

mist: cloud, something filling the air (wet fog)

mistress: queen, lady you work for, woman having affair with

mock: make fun of, ridicule

modestly: decent, not show pride

moldering: rotting, destroying

molest: hurt, bother, do bad things (take advantage of)

moor: open, rolling land that is often wet and covered with grass

more tolerable: easier, able to stand it better

moreover: added, and in addition to (also)

mortal: earthly, to do with this life on earth

mote: small chip, splinter of wood

mourned: were sad

muffler: (scarf/shawl worn around throat)

multiples: increase, groups (many many)

multiply: increase, add to, have kids

multitude: many, many people

murmur: gripe, complain

muster, mustereth: gather, get, gain, take hold of, join




nativity: place of birth, start or beginning place

naught: nothing, of no account or worth

naval: middle part of belly

negotiate: work out an agreement, bargain, deal

nethermost: lowest, farthest down, far away

nevertheless: however, not matter, even though

nigh: almost, close (near)

not withstanding: no matter, regardless of, besides

notable: worth mentioning, important, better or different

nowise: no way, will not

nurture: training, nourishment, take care of







oath: strong promise, to make a promise

obedience: doing and following the laws or the commandments

obligated, obliged: expected to do it (responsible)

oblige: do favor in kindness, willing to do it (obey)

obscurity: no one knows about it, unknown (hide)

observe: understand, see, watch, notice (follow)

obstinate: stubborn, wonít do it

obstruction: something in the way (block)

obtain: get

occasioned: caused, made happen

o'er: (over)

offense: trouble, something done wrong

offering: something given for sacrifice

offspring: children, descendants

omnipotent: full of power, no limit

opposition: opposite, against, the other side, enemy

oppress, opressed: heavy pressure, persecute, worry, hurt (burden)

oppressor: dictator, enemy (harshly ruler)

orator: a speaker, someone giving a speech

ordained: given priesthood authority by the laying on of hands, set apart to a calling (bless with O)

ordinance: special doing done according to law

ornament: a decoration, to decorate

overbearance: bossy, dominating, push people around

overzealous: too excited and eager





Pacified, pacify: calm, make peace with

pangs: pain, fear, wanting

partake: eat or drink, share, be part of (take)

partial: favor or like one better than other

particular: very exact, also different, unusual (specific)

passions: strong feelings like hate, joy, fear, sexual desires, love, jealousy, etc.

pastor: teacher, minister in church

penalties, penalty: punishment

penetrate: get through inside (pierce)

penitent: sinner who has repented

peradventure: perhaps, maybe, by chance

perceive: recognize, discern (understand)

perdition: hell, no glory, with Satan

perform: do

perish: die, be gone, destroy (fade away)

perpetrate: make something happen, be guilty, commit

persecute: try to hurt, mock, make fun of, make hard

persist: continue, stick with it, not give up

personage: one who looks like a human being

persuade: get someone to accept (convince)

pertain, pertaining: being part of, relating to (connect)

perverse: stubbornly wicked, distorted

pervert: distort, change in a bad way

pester: keep bothering over and over

pestilence: bad sickness (disease)

petition: ask for help, seek advice

pitch: set up

plague: cause a lot of trouble, also mass sickness

plagued: bothered by constantly

plates: smooth, flat pieces of metal like a book

plow shares: the part of the plow that cuts the dirt

plunder: loot, wreck (steal)

plunge, plunged: throw, force, dive, rush into

plural: more than one, many

pollute, polluted: make dirty, not clean

pomp: proud big fancy celebration

ponder: think about deeply, meditate

pore: small openings in skin for sweat to go through

possess: have (own)

posterity: children, and descendants

praise: worship, show reverence to, thank

precarious: very dangerous, at great risk

preceded: come before

precedence: more important, replace, priority

precept: rule or teaching, principle

precious: very valuable, costly, great (dear)

predicated: depending on

prefigure: suggest or know before hand

preparator: person who prepares or starts (prepare person)

prescribe: recommend, suggest

preservation: keep safe, not let spoil

preside: be in charge, control

prevail: win, endure to end (success)

prey: animal or person being hunted (kill)

priestcraft: things wicked people do to lead people to sin, teaching for money, teach wicked things

primarily: mainly, mostly

primitive: first, original, one that came before

privation: doing without needed things

privily: secretly, privately, not known

probation: trial period, restriction (testing)

proceeding: doings, process (go on)

proclaim, proclamation: preach, tell (announce)

procrastinate: put off, do later (postpone)

profane: misuse or abuse sacred things

proffer: offer, makes available

profess: claim, say, teach, tell what you think

profit: thing gained (benefit) (learned)

profound: wonderful, exceptional, better than expected

prolong: make longer, lengthen, stretch out

prophesy: declare, predict, (see future)

prophet: one who see and talk with God (see future person)

propose: suggest, tell how you think to do something

prosper, prosperous: do all right, well off, blessed (succeed)

prostrate: flat, collapsed, out cold

proverb: wise saying

providence: good luck, divine guidance, gifts from God

provisions: supplies, make way for

provocation: irritation, bother

provoke: make angry, irritate, dare (bother)

prudent, prudently: careful with, donít waste things (wise)

pruning hooks: tools used in fruit farming

purge: move out, take away, get rid of (clean)




quiver: pouch to hold arrows

raca: mocking word, act like you never make mistake and like to embarrass people who do

racked: in pain, torment, terrible depression

radiant: bright, shining, glowing

raging: dangerous, roaring, out of control

Rahab: harlot who helped Joshuaís spies (sea serpent)

railing: punishing, mocking, being mean

raiment: clothing

rallies, rally: gather, encourage

ransom, ransomed: money paid for something captive, to set free

rash: too quickly, done without thinking first

ravening: vicious, mean

ravenous: greedy, hungry (selfish)

ravish: rape, ,capture, carried away

reap: harvest, take in, collect (gather)

rearward: protection

rebuke: scold, punish (blame)

receded: gone away or down, move back or away from

reception: receiving (receive)

reckon: think, figure

reclaim: take back

recompense: to repay (reward) (pay back)

reconcile, reconciled: to go along with, agree, make right, forgive

record: write down, make history (book)

recount, recounting: give in detail, explain the story

redeem: save, trade for (save with R)

Redeemer: Savior, Jesus Christ

redemption: to set free, salvation (save with R)

redouble, redoubled: increase, extra effort

refrain: hold back, avoid, keep from doing

refuge: safety, protection from danger

refuse: worthless, wonít accept

regard: have a liking for, look up to (respect)

regulation: put into order, a rule

reign: control, be responsible for, authority over (rule)

reins: lower back or kidney, symbolic of emotions and affliction

relinquish: get rid of, sacrifice, give up, let go

reluctant, reluctantly: not wanting to

remission: forgiveness, cleansing (remove take away)

remnant: remaining pieces or groups

remorse: regret, sadness for sins

rend, rent: tear apart, rip

render: give up, make into

renown: famous

repentance: turning away from sin and living God's laws, asking God and others for forgiveness of sin

repetition: to do or say again and again

replenish: fill again, get more, do again (expand)

repugnant: disgusting, gross

reproach: accuse, blame, disgrace, shame (criticize)

repulsed: driven back, refused

requisite: required

residue: the rest, left over part

resolve: decide, make right, fix a problem

respecter: prejudiced, play favorites with people (criticize person)

restrain: stop, hold back (limit)

resume: start again

retain: keep

retroactive: going back in time, affects previous things

reveal: show, bring to light (let know)

revel: delight, has much pleasure

revelation: communication with God

revile, reviling: call bad language, make fun of (scold)

revitalize: give new life or energy to, improve, make better

revive: get healthy again, make new, bring back to life

righteousness: good, obey God, live commandments

riotous: wicked, bad, sinful, out of control

roe: deer

rule: guide, preside (control)




sackcloth: rough cloth made of goat hair, worn as a sign of sorrow (clothes)

sacred: holy

Saint: member of Godís church (S member)

saith: (say)

sally: go forward, come out of, come down

salvation: saved from sin

sanctified, sanctify: (make clean) (clean with S)

sanctuary: place of safety or protection

satyrs: man-goats or demons, lustful nature in man

savor: flavor, value, of great worth

scantiness: very little

scepter: stick, sign of authority

scoff: make fun of, laugh at

score: 20 years ( three-score = 60 years)

scorn: make fun of, mock, cast out

scourge: cause trouble, mock, whip, flog (punish)

search: seek, hunt

secreted: hidden, under cover

seduce: talk someone into doing something, tempt

seer: prophet

selfsame: exactly the same, identical

sensual: worldly physical pleasures, sexual pleasures

sepulchre: a special cave used to bury someone in

seraphim: a symbolical 6 winged heavenly person

sermon: speech or lecture, talk

several: many

severally: individually, separately

severity: strictness, hardness, hard to endure

shall: (will)

sharpness: exact, blunt talk (strictness)

sheaves: bundles of cut grain stalks

shew, shewest: (show)

shorn: shaved, or cut hair

sickle: a special knife used to harvest grain

signify: show, proof, stand for, symbol

similitude: likeness, same as

sinew: tendon, symbol of physical strenght

slacken: relax, loosen, let go

slain: killed, dead

slew: killed

slothful, slothfully: lazy

slumber: light sleep, or death

sober: serious, not drunk, humble

Sodom: a wicked city destroyed by fire

sole: only one, single

solemn, solemnity: serious, deep in thought

sojourn: travel

soothsayers: fortune tellers

sorceries, sorcery: witchcraft

sore: bad, hard to take, heavy burden

sorrow: (sorry)

sought: wanted, went after, tried to get

soul: eternal spirit of a person

sow: plant, put in mind, live a life of

space: amount of time, area, or distance

spacious: large, lots of room

spake: (spoke)

span, spanned: touch across, covered

sparingly: use with care, not much or often, small amount

spirit: the part of man that existed before mortal birth and that leaves at death

spiritual: relating to the spirit

spoil: taken in war (prize), ruin or commit sin

spurn: to reject, refuse, turn away from

state: condition, case (situation)

statues: laws or rules

stature: body size

steadfast, steadfastly, steadfastness: firm, strong

stiffnecked, stiffneckedness: rebellious (stubborn)

stimulate: cheer on (encourage)

stomacher: fancy piece of clothing

stout, stoutness: bold, courageous, strong

straightway: immediately, next thing, right now

strain: song or part of a song

strait: narrow and straight, hard to go through, not easy

straiten: discipline, correct, make right

stratagem: a plan, clever way to do something

strewed: spread all over the place, scattered

stricken in years: old

strife: arguments

stripes: whippings

stripling: young and strong, firm

strive: struggle, work with (try very hard)

stubble: not worth anything, uncut straw

stupor: confusion, or forget easily, foggy minded

subdue: take cover, get control (overcome)

subject: depend on, take control of (put under)

subjection: slavery, someone rules over you

sublime: wonderful

submissive: humble, give in easily

subsist: survive, keep on going

subtil, subtle, subtlety: sly, sneaky, clever way

succor: aid, take care (help)

suckling: nursing, young

sue: beg, ask for

suffer: let, allow

suffer: hurt

sufficient, sufficieth: is enough (satisfy)

supplicate, supplicating: humble request in prayer

sustain: support

swear, sworn: promise, take oath

synagogues: Jewish church houses




tabernacle: tent or building for worship (roof worship)

tabernacle of clay: body

tablet: flat piece of metal, wood, stone with words

tabret: tambourine, musical instrument

tarry: remain, rest (stay)

temperate: careful, wise, mild

tempest: violent storm (bad storm)

temporal, temporally: body, worldly, short (earth)

tender: kind, loving, gentle

testify: tell what you know of truth, declare

thee: (you)

thence: there, therefore, thus

thenceforth: from then on

thereby: in this way, by that

therefore: for that reason, because of that, happen

therein: in there, in that way, because of that

thereof: the same as, after that (afterwards)

thickets: bushes

thine: (your)

thither: there, that place

thou: (you)

thrice: three times

thrive: do very well, prosper, flourish

throne: chair of a king

thrust: push, work

thus: in this way, because of this, so, exactly, example

thy: (your)

thyself: yourself

tidings: greetings, teachings (information) (news)

till: until, plow

Ďtis: it is

tittle: tiny part

to and fro: here and there

to dress it: take care of it

to keep it: clean it

toil, toiled: work, labor

tolerable: able to be patient

tongue: a language, people speaking the same language

torment, torments: pain, bother, torture, temptation (suffer)

trample: step on, run over

transcend: go beyond, more than, exceed

transfiguration: body change to a better condition

transform, transformation: (change)

transgress, transgression: break a law (sin)

transgressor: someone who broke the law (sinner)

translate: change from one language to another

transpire: (happen)

travail: trouble, toils (hard work)

treacherous: evil or bad way (dangerous)

tree of knowledge: tree representing good and evil

tree of life: tree representing eternal life

tremble: shake, fear

trench: ditch

trespass: things done when know its wrong (sin)

tribulation: troubles

tribunal: judgement, court

tribute: taxes, attention or honor given

trifle: not take seriously, make fun of

triumphant: victorious (win)

trod: walked, went

tumult, tumultuous: noisy uproar or crowd

twain: together with someone, double (two)

twill: it will

typifies, typify: symbolize, example of

tyrant: a bad or mean king or ruler




unalterable: can't change

unauthorized: having no authority to do something

uncircumcised: people who won't follow God

undaunted: won't quit, not afraid

unquenchable: can't stop or satisfy

unstable: not steady, weak, undependable

unto: (to)

unwearyingness: hard work without being tired

upheavals: tearing apart, awful changes

uphold: support, agree with, be loyal, defend

upright, uprightly: righteous, in a good way

uproar: lots of talking and concern

usurped: take by force beyond your authority

utter: speak

utterance: speech

utterly: completely, whole (surely)

uttermost: farthest away




vain, vainity: useless, worth nothing (nothing), think of self always, self centered (look at self)

vale: valley

valiant: strong, courageous, do what is right (brave)

vapor: fog, cloud or smoke covering

variableness: not dependable, always different (change+++)

vengeance: seek wicked justice, paying back

venture: risk, decide to take a chance

verified, verify: prove true

verily: attention, really, truly (really true)

vessel: bowl, boat, or person acting for another

vestige: part left over from before

vex: make trouble, annoy (bother)

vicarious: done by another person

vigor: energy, strength

vilest: most evil, worst, awful

vineyard: where grapes grow, symbolic of the world

viol: a harp like musical instrument with 6 strings

virtue: goodness, value, morally clean (V clean)

visage: look on face, countenance (face)

vision: revelation through dreams

visionary: person who has visions

visitations: punishments, events, visited by

vital: necessary, needed, very important

void: empty, nothing there

vouch: guarantee, standing up for (promise)




wage, waged: engage, start war, fight (carry on)

wager: enter a bet or war

wages: results, money paid, reward

wail: mourn and cry loudly

wallowing: wading and rolling on

wanton: sexually open and loose, worldly

wax: grow, increase, become

wean: not nurse anymore, break from (disconnect)

weary: weak (tired)

welfare: well being, help (comfort) (need)

whatsoever: what thing

whence: from where

wherefore: for what reason (why)

wherein: how

wherewith: with what

wherewhithal: with what means to do it

whether: either

whims: things want or believe without thinking

whither: to where (where)

whithersoever: wherever (no matter where)

whole: well, complete

whore: prostitute, bad woman, represent evil

whoso: whoever, that person

whosoever: whoever

wield: use

wilderness: waste, barren, empty (land no people)

wiles: tricks

willfully: on purpose

willing: ready, wanting to do

wilt: (will)

wimple: hat with scarf covering for the neck

wine-bibber: person who drinks too much (drunk)

wist: where, to know

wither: dry up, shrink

wizards: sorcerer, magician

wo, woe: warn, sadness, trouble

wondrous: wonderful

Word: (Jesus Christ)

worship: honor and show reverence for

wrath: mad at, anger towards (angry)

wrest: to twist the meaning of something

wretched: unhappy, miserable

writ: scripture




ye: you

yea: truly, or yes

yield, yielding: give in to, crop results

yoke: used across shoulders to carry burden with, symbol of what you are slave to

yore: long ago

zeal: diligent, enthusiasm

Zion: God's people, place where righteous live, homeland for Jews

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