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I gave this class to the Federal Way 11th Deaf Branch in the early part of 1997 to illustrate our need to be able to come out of our culture what ever it is (if it conflicts with our LDS beleifs) become Later-day Saints. When we come from different cultures, we can keep the parts of our native cuture that does not clash with the LDS Culture. But if it does clash then we need to take the parts that clash and eliminate them from our lives. There is good and bad in every culture. The DEAF CULTURE in no differnt than any other culture. There are parts that clash and parts that are in harmony with the LDS Culture. When we become members of the church we have to learn to recognize those cultural differences.


Native American Culture

Mormon Culture

African American Culture

Hispanic Culture

Deaf Culture

Latter-day Saint Culture

Here are two talks by Apostles teaching this same principle:

Elder Richard G. Scott
"Removing Barriers to Happiness" - April 1998

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
"Repentance and Change" - Oct 2003

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