GOOD points (keep) Things I have heard "DEAF" people say:
1. Very humble 1. Very out spoken and sometimes blunt
2. Very willing to learn 2. Many have hard time being self reliant
3. Hard working 3. Some feel they are not equal
4. Filled with faith in God 4. A few don't like hearing people
5. Most don't feel "disabled" 5. Some dislike LDS phone directory concept
6. Don't give up easyily 6. Easily offended by others
7. Stick together as a culture. 7. Would rather have no interperter than bad interperter
8. Have learned to communicate many ways 8. Dont accept hearing people into their culture
9. 9. Normally very private and resist meeting strangers
10. 10. Seems to be a tendancy to gossiping in culture

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