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Here are the testimony comparison charts from my book "Getting The Water To The End Of The Row"
The purpose to of the charts is to show you that there really is no such thing as you either having a testimony or not having a testimony. We have a testimony of each gospel principle. But there are some things that it is very important to have a testimony of. For example if you will look at the testimony of Oliver Cowdery, you will see that there was very little lacking. He had a perfect wittiness of the Book Of Mormon. But he had no testimony of Joseph Smith. The ideal thing is for us to have a testimony of all parts of the gospel equally. And when we die and are resurrected into the Celestial Kingdom we will in fact have a perfect testimony of every principle of the gospel. If there were any parts of our testimony that were not perfect at that time, we could not go to the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. Here are the Testimony Comparison Charts. If you just click on print when the chart is on your screen, it will print it for you. The charts are copyrighted as a part of the copyright of the book but you have my permission to use them in any way you desire to if you will leave the copyright information on any printed copies you make.

Testimony of a less active member

Testimony of Oliver Cowdery

Testimony of an apostate member

Could this be your testimony?

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