My testimony to the World

By Le Anne Smith

It amazes me that since I was baptized in his true Church on April 26th 1998, at age 19, I have found so much truth in such a short time. I was born into a Italian Roman Catholic Family. Only one person had converted to another faith in all my families history, and she converted to Greek Orthodox.

I went to Catholic school for 5 years and I completed all the sacraments up to Confirmation. Funny how that works out, for I never knew that this is where you confirm that you believe in the church and its teachings. Ask me that on my Confirmation day and I would of told you that it was the last sacrament that you take so you can get married next.

When I first knew that I wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon and it's members was during a conversation I had with my friend Erik. I remember one day I asked him what he was doing on Sunday. He said "I get to go to church" and my immediate thought was "Get to?" My parents always made me. I HAD to go to church.

I didn't have any clue as to why I sat in church Sunday after Sunday, I thought that it was my parents way of torturing me for all that I had done to them in my 18 years. And now I canít recall if my parents ever asked me if I believed in God and the Church. For now I think that I didnít because I didn't have any sort of faith in him. My prayers were always about the numerous sport competions I had in the up coming week or fights that I had with one of my friends. Never about strength, courage, or honesty. But one thing my parents did teach me is that life is about who you love, what you do and how you accomplish your goals. That no matter what your family will always be there.

Countless times I remember my mother telling me that she doesn't always like me for the decsions I choose to make but she will never stop loving me. And I donít regret my past, I donít resent my parents for not challenging my faith. Yet I do wonder why I feel at times resentful for their carelessness. I am very grateful for what they did teach me.

It is much more healing to me to look at my past in the light of lessons that advance me to a higher level of living and loving our Lord, Jesus Christ. I find myself challenged everyday now. I know that the Lord wants me to be one of his true followers.

It amazes me that I have been found worthy enough to be baptized into his true Church. I thank God for this everyday. I thank God for the Book of Mormon, for I know that this is his testament. I am so thankful for the missionaries, for they never fully understand that gratitude for them in oneís life. I know that this is HIS TRUE CHURCH. And I will follow his commandments until the last day.

I say these things in the name of our Lord, Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

LeAnne Smith

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