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By Cordell Vail, cste

Project Management

Agile Testing Methodology and XP Programming:
Agile testing directions: technology-facing product critiques - Brian Marick
The Seven Basic Principles of the Context-Driven School - Brian Marick

Books that are setting the pace in the industry:
"Software Testing In The Real World" by Ed Kit Book Review
"The Complete Guide to Software Testing" by Bill Hetzel Book Review
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CSTE Certification Exam Study Materials:
Certified Software Test Engineer Body Of Knowledge

eNews Letters of interest to testers:
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General Testing Body Of Knowledge:

Load Testing - Stress Testing - Volume Testing - Performance Testing links

News Groups for QA/QC
QA Forums

Sticky Minds

Professional Organizations
Quality Assurance Institute
American Society For Quality
Software Quality Engineering

Quality Assurance:

Recognized Quality Assurance Analyst Certifications:
Certified Software Quality Analyst (CSQA)
American Society for Quality Certification (ASQ)
Quality Improvement Associate Certification (CQIA)
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (SSBB)
Certified Manager of Software Quality (CMSQ)
Certified Test Manager (CTM)
Certified Software Project Manager (CSPM)

Quality Control:

Recognized Quality Control Engineer Certifications:
Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) QAI
Certified Software Tester (CSTE) QAI
International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB)
Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
Center For Quality of Management (CQM)


Just as a side note it is important to understand the difference between QA and QC:
Normally Quality Assurance is a managerís responsibility and is a staff position. It entails working on improving process in such a way that it would prevent future defects from happening. Quality Assurance in the industry is referred to as the work of prevention. A Quality Control Analyst would be classified more as a statition than as a tester, whose job is to build quality into the organization through continuous improvement of processes rather than into the product going out the door through testing for defects.

A Quality Control Test Engineer is a line position and is normally done by test engineers. Quality Control is detecting defects that have already occurred. Thus in the industry Quality Control is referred to as the work of detection.

A Quality Assurance Analyst normally would not do testing. A Quality Assurance Analyst would be engaged in working either as a manger or with managers on improvement of processes that would keep defects from happening. A Quality Assurance Analyst would study metrics and look for trends. They would be a facilitator, coordinator, educator, quality planner and measurement analyst. Risk analysis and Cost of Quality studies are done by Quality Control Analysts. Testing of the application for Quality Control is done by Test Engineers.

However in most smaller businesses, a Quality Assurance Analyst would also double as a Test Engineer!


Resources Links of interest to testers:

Trade Journals of interest to testers:
Better Software Magazine(was STQE)

Sticky Minds (on line magazine)

Crosstalk (free)

The Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI)

American Society For Quality (have several trade journals all accessible from their web page)
Quality Progress
Six Sigma Forum Magazine
Quality Management Journal (QMJ)
Journal of Quality Technology (JQT)
Software Quality Professional (SQP)
Quality Engineering
AQP's Journal for Quality and Participation (JQP)

Recommended Reading List:
The Complete Guide to Software Testing By Bill Hetzel ISBN: 0471565679
Software Testing in the Real World : Improving the Process by Edward Kit ISBN: 0-201-87756-2
Inroads to Software Quality by Alka Jarvis and Vern Crandall ISBN 0132384035
CMM Implementation Guide CMM Implementation Guide by Kim Caputo ISBN 0201379384
Making Process Improvement Work by Neil S. Potter and Mary E. Sakry ISBN 0201775778
Software Testing by Ron Patton ISBN 0672319837
Political Savvy by John R. DeLuca ISBN 0966763602
Software Test Automation by Mark Fewster and Dorothy Graham ISBN 0201331403 Testing Computer Software by Cam Kaner, Jack Falk, Hugn Quoc Nguyen ISBN 1-85032-847-1
How to Break Software by James A. Whittaker ISBN 0-201-79619-8
Evvective Methods for Software Testing, Second Edition by William E. Perry ISBN 0-471-35418-X

Risk management : Risk Management Reading list

Software Vendors Of Tools Useful to QA and QC Professionals:

Project Management Software
Project Management software produced by Vertabase. Top-rated web-based software includes timesheets, budget control, gantt charts and more.

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