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This was the best seminar I have ever attended in my life.

Your work book has changed my life.

We are using your materials as a seminar at our Church now. Thank you for sharing and your willingness to let us use the materials you have written

If Mr. Vail is not coming back to the conference next year, I will not be coming.

I have heard all of these principles before. They are not new. But I have never heard them presented like this. It was inspirational and life changing.

You are the best of the best. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you again.

Everybody with low self esteem and lack of goal setting abilities, needs to attend your seminar.

Attending your seminar truly was a RED LETTER day of my life.

Thank you for one of the most inspirational days of my life

It was worth all the money I paid to come to the conference just to hear your seminar

I have never been big on goal setting, but I really think I can do goal achieving. Thank you!

Your humor made the seminar so entertaining, but we were also well rewarded with useful knowledge.

Thank you for allowing the world to read your work.

I want to tell my therapist to read this seminar book and to pass it along to people that need to change but just don't know where to start.

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Seminar Work Book: "My Turn To Win: The Secret Of Excellence 15th Printing" By Cordell Vail

My Weekly Testing Tips For Test Engineers

My suggested list of Motivational Books To Read

My Suggested List of Motivational Cassette Tapes To Listen To

Test Engineer Vendor Cross Indexed Glossary



Social Psychology Of Software Testing Presentation Slides

My Turn To Win -The Secret Of Excellence - Workbook 15th Printing

If you attended the seminar or have read my book, then every time you see a
FedEx truck or package, you will get a subliminal message from me for the rest of your life:

This is an 8 hour workshop

See the presentation slides

THE ART OF BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: a practical conflict resolution methodology

This is an 8 hour workshop

Having trouble getting along with your boss? Are you tired of having a great idea only to find out your manager or another employee took the idea and sold it to upper management as their idea? Then this presentation is for you? Want to learn how to create a relationship with the developers so they consider you a valuable member of the team rather than the adversary who found bugs in their code? Ever have a fight with a vendor over a bug they say is just a missing feature? Have you ever wanted to shoot a user or customer who wants things they never asked for and they want it now? This presentation will give you key training on how testers can build relationships so you are not perceived as the adversary. You will learn how to get credit for your work and how to promote yourself for employee evaluations so you are regarded as a valuable member of the team. This presentation will teach you how to increase your value at work. You are the most valuable investment your company has. This presentation will help you learn how to help your company improve their ROI on you as an employee.

My Turn To Win! Personal Achievement Work Shop

This is an 8 hour workshop

Do you have trouble setting goals, and an even harder time reaching them? Have you wanted to learn how to find what you really want to do in life but don't know where to start? Have you ever wondered how Olympic athletes are able to go so far beyond their human ability? Did you know that through visualization you can actually change your image of yourself. There is no reasonable goal that you can not achieve if you just believe. This is about believing and being and doing. This work shop has been given many times across the United States and in Canada.

Goal Setting Seminar Workbook

This is an 8 hour workshop

This is a seminar that will change your life. If you feel like your performance is below standards you need to attend this seminar. If you want to learn how you can have anything you can set your mind to believe you can achieve then this is the seminar for you. The number of people who's lives have been changed by attending this seminar is impressive but that wont help you unless you attend it yourself. Anyone can set and achieve reasonable goals. This is not "New Year's Resolutions". This is daily life planning that works. What do you have to lose other than more of life the way you have it now?


Slide Presentation

Adapting Test Plans to Your Environment
SQUad 2007 6th Annual Conference
March 15th, 2007
PPA Center Denver, CO

Presentation Slides

My purpose in sharing this QA Plan and Test Plan template is to help build the profession.
I have not copyrighted these templates and you have my permission to copy them, change them, or other wise use them.
It is my hope that by sharing them with you, and you sharing them with others, we can all come up with a
better QA Plan and Test Plan template that is easy to add to or modify according to our needs.
I have several variations of each of them. Some very large and some very simple.
Please let me know if they are helpful to you.

Master QA Plan Template

Master Test Plan Template

Test Engineer Glossary Master - By Cordell Vail

See the presentation slides
My Turn To Win Work Book

I apologize for not having enough handout CD's at the presentation. I was only expecting 50 people and there were almost 100. If you were at the presentation, and did not get a copy of the CD handout please email me your mailing address and I will send it to you.

I would very much like to receive an email back from you with your feed back about the presentation. Please tell me if what we talked about was helpful to you. I would also like you to tell me how you are doing with speed reading, especially if you need help with the program on the CD. If you can not figure out how to use it, or if you need help using it, please email me so I can help you.

You can email me at:

Click here to see presentation slides

Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides
Now I have 2 green "SPEAKERS MUGS"....

Presentation Slides
Abstract for the Conference
Stress/Load/Volume/Performance Testing Tool - Price And Feature Comparison Chart
(This chart was on the conference CD handout)

Please help us update this chart. It will help all of us see the functional features of all of the major testing tools of this type on the market in one place without having to spend hours and hours going out to find them. The main goal here is to hopefully save all of us a lot of work looking for a tool we can afford. We want to find every software testing tool of this type, with it's features, and add it to this chart. Some of the tools we have found that work really well, are under $500 and some all the way down to even being free (shareware). Are you sure you want to pay from $50,000 to $100,000 for one of the big companies testing tools? This comparison chart will help you compare features so you know the answer to that question. The chart is being updated on a continual basis as we find new tools. If you have evaluated software testing tools of this type or if you just know of others that are not here, please send your information or evaluation to me at:

and I will post your data and contact information in the table. Hopefully giving you credit for the information will allow you to network with others as well.

Click here to view the chart now:
Tool Comparison Chart

8 Keys To Maturing The Testing Process Where You Work
A presentation for the QAI's 25th Annual Software Testing Conference
in Orlando Florida Oct 18th to 22nd 2004
Presented at the Thursday, Oct. 21 - 2:30 - 3:30 pm Session

Helping Managers Manage: A Test Engineers Perspective
A presentation for the QAI's 25th Annual Software Testing Conference
in Orlando Florida Oct 18th to 22nd 2004
Presented Friday, Oct. 22 - 9:15 - 10:15 am. Session

Improving The Testing Process Where You Work
Presented at VeriTest - Bellevue 27th May 2004 by Cordell Vail, cste

Maturing The Testing Process Where You Work: Individuals Can Make A Difference
A presentation for the Seattle Area Software Quality Assurance Group (SASQAG)
monthly meeting held in the Atachmate building Bellevue, WA 15 April 2004

And now I have one of the famous

Improving Processes Where You Work
A presentation for the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative - PDIS Group
06 April 2004, Everett, WA

Automated Testing Overview
Bullet Proof Modularized Programming.pdf
A presentation for SKYWARD Inc - Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Presented 23 June 2003


Test Engineers Master Glossary

XML Master Glossary

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